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This Month’s Musings

Mar 9, 2010


This Month’s Musings

Since all our new stock came in, we’ve been busy choosing our favourites, and what we would like to buy for our own sweet homes. So far, Gemma wants to get the ‘Blossom Trail’ V&A duvet cover, while Laura wants the First Avenue ‘Hermione’ design. Other staff picks are Sheridan’s ‘Tournay’, the paisley and farmyard shopping bags, and some scrim for Springtime window cleaning.

Yes we look exactly like this whilst musing

Other things under discussion throughout our *wink wink, nudge nudge, lunch breaks, are Matt Smith, the latest Dr. Who. Will he ever live up to David Tennant, who has been voted the best Doctor ever. Movies we have watched this month are Brief Encounter (do check YouTube for hilarious spoof videos of this very proper romantic classic), Cinema Paradiso and Twilight, bringing us to the conclusion that we are definitely a Team Edward bunch here, (not Bella!). For all things film related, check The Stub, our favourite film blog. Local events grabbing our attention are the O Bheal poetry meetings at the Long Valley pub on Winthrop Street every Monday evening. And also the free gigs and exhibitions at the ESB substation, the Triskel’s latest artistic space.