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Causing a Stir this Month..

Mar 10, 2010


Causing a Stir this Month..

Silk Pillowcases

Due to the high interest among our customers, we are now stocking silk pillowcases. Like ourselves, we are sure many of ye

Be a Sleeping Beauty

enjoy reading beauty magazines and recently, you can’t escape the numerous articles on the benefits of silk pillowcases. Some of the beauty gurus claim that silk pillowcases help our skin, especially with the ageing process but it doesn’t stop there. They also claim that by using silk pillowcases, bed hair could become a thing of the past. Whether any of this is true, who knows..? Nevertheless, they are luxurious, hypoallergenic and feel beautiful next to the skin.

We stock silk pillowcases in three colours: light gold, snow, and silver. They are easy to care for, as you can wash them at 40 degrees, tumble dry them, and even have them dry cleaned.