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This Month’s Musings…April

Apr 10, 2010


This Month’s Musings…April

Our staff picks this month make for an interesting array of products. Sheridan’s Chatworth which is currently on show in our shop window, is an eye-catching bedset with a Victorian/Gothic touch, and is Laura’s choice for the month. Gemma has opted for Tunis by Elainer, which boasts an abstract floral design, perfect for the forthcoming Summer months. Joan is raving about the Freesia design, particularly as it’s now available at an even nicer price! See our Offer of the Month for more details. And we’re all fond of Helena Springfield’s Farmyard design, especially Theresa!

Other things worth chatting about during April:

Some of us here will be going to see Billy O’ Callaghan and Simon Van Booy reading at the Triskel events at Jurys.

Lisa Freemont Street’s Youtube channel is a favourite of ours. Packed full of tips and tutorials on vintage hairstyles and make-up.

The final season of Lost is definitely up for discussion with only five episodes left to go before the much-awaited finale.

Another YouTube find is the short film, The Butler’s in Love, directed by David Arquette. What makes this short extra interesting is the fact that it’s a 3D piece. Definitely worth checking out. This short got us thinking about the drink absinthe and it’s influence on film and literature. As drunk by Shelley..!

Feature length films on the agenda this month are..Shutter Island which divided the critics of Household Linens. On the one hand, Gemma got the film’s twist, but for Laura it was an absolute surprise! We’re also partial to the oldies here too however and recently All About Eve had us talking about the role of women in the entertainment industry, and how forward thinking the film was for it’s time. Bette Davis packs a punch as  Margot Channing, a star of the theatre threatened by her younger understudy, Eve.

While scouring the internet for presents, Laura came across a fabulous site called ETSY, specialising in handmade items and vintage finds.