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Focus of the Month: Irish Linen

Apr 15, 2010


Focus of the Month: Irish Linen

Our Irish Linen Collection is always a popular choice among tourists, but also as a gift for relatives and friends abroad, or for your own dining table.
Damask Irish Linen

Fine Dining: Fingal Irish Linen Damask

Made in Ireland, Fingal Irish Linen Damask tablecloths and napkins are one of our finest products. Derived from the flaxplant, only the “smoothest and straightest” of this plant’s fibres are chosen to create a natural yarn whose strength allows the fabric to be very tightly woven, thereby creating a linen smooth to the touch, yet crisp and cool. Irish Linen is designed to last a lifetime, and can become an heirloom within many families.

To add an Irish touch to your own kitchen, Fingal apron and teatowel sets in the Sprig of Shamrock design are the perfect idea.

Another very popular item is the Titanic inspired tea towel, made in Belfast.


    Glenda June 15, 2010

    I purchased a tablecloth in Ireland, unfortunately the store was sold out (Quills) of the matching napkins. I am having trouble now finding the napkins. I’m back home in Canada and will purchase online but I can’t find the design to match. Can you help me? It is an off white tablecloth with a linen color around the outside decorated with a muted green bunch of shamrocks bordering the outer edge as well. I believe it is a mix of cotton and linen?

    Please help! 🙂


      householdlinenscork June 17, 2010

      Hello Glenda,
      I know the design, we have a little bit of that stock also but alas -are in the same position as Quills. We too do not have the napkins. I will make further enquiries and forward you any information as to where you might be able to get them. Thank you, Laura.