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This months musings..May

May 7, 2010


This months musings..May

Any news?

Well, the Musical Bingo session that takes place in the Pavilion bar every Thursday is definitely worth a visit…not just your usual “clickety click-99″/”Legs 11” Bingo; it’s Bingo with a musical twist! Visit the Pav’s site for a list of events for every night of the week.

Speaking of musical numbers, we’ve been discussing Stephen Sondheim’s Broadway shows, since Gemma went to see ‘Side by Side by Sondheim’ at the Everyman Palace last week. One of the more interesting facts about Sondheim’s life is that he was mentored by Oscar Hammerstein, whose son, Jimmy, he befriended as a boy. You can read more about Sondheim’s life and various work at

Ever since the Top 100 Sexiest Men poll was announced, we’ve been chatting over our morning tea about who the best looking Irish men are and *drum roll, Damien Dempsey currently tops our list.

Over to film…we’ve just discovered Jim Carrey’s official website which is well worth a look, whether or not you’re a fan. Expect lots of Lemony Snicket type surprises.

Things catching our eye on YouTube lately include the Irish short film from a few years back: ‘Nun More Deadly‘, a spoof film noir set in Waterford.

Laura’s been telling us about one of her favourite films: ‘Goodbye Lenin‘ starring the handsome Daniel Bruhl. Set in East Berlin, Alex’s mother falls into a coma, after having a heart attack. While in this coma, the Berlin wall falls and German unification takes place. When the mother awakes, the family resorts to pretending that everything in the country is as it was before, as they fear that the shock of reform may cause a second heart attack. Though sad at times, for the most part this is a hilarious film, and also offers a glimpse of the many changes that took place during this period.

Finally, we just want to tell ye about our new Book Review corner, coming soon to the blog. Every month we will be discussing a different book, which will also be displayed in our shop window. This month, the book of choice is ‘The Thirteen Problems’, a Miss Marple short story collection by none other than Agatha Christie. Perhaps we have murder mystery fever this month due to the arrival of ‘The 39 Steps’ to the Everyman Palace in Cork, a comic adaptation of the famous Hitchcock film.

Ta-ta for now..