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More Musings…

Jul 8, 2010


More Musings…

This past June, (and for part of July!), we have been more health conscious and therefore trying different foods to vary our diets. Laura and Gemma tested out some sushi from a sushi bar on Marlboro Street. and the consensus is: Yummy! Gemma, who usually shies away from avocadoes, unless they’re in guacamole, decided to try one on it’s own, they being the superfood of the moment. The result was NOT successful. Now they’re on her blacklist along with olives. Laura’s trying to stomach the Udo’s Choice omega oils..we’ll let ye know the verdict in six weeks..

Over to the big screen, and despite not being a Russell Crowe fan, Laura recently went

Michael (hotness!) Bublé

to see Robin Hood and now has to admit that she did swoon at a particular scene. None of us here are teenagers, or anywhere near it, but we have to confess that we (Laura and Gemma!) can’t wait for Eclipse.

Gemma bought the Glee soundtrack, and she isn’t embarassed about it one bit. In fact, she’s been humming Somebody to Love around the shop, for about a week now.

New on our list of current obsessions, is the one and only Michael Bublé,  yum, yum. His ‘Crazy Love’ album has been getting a good airing round these parts.