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August News

Aug 14, 2010


August News

Greetings from Household Linens!

On the path to Autumn...

While the sale has now officially ended, there are still bargains to be had on clearance items. Some of the best buys still available. and which deserve to be on your shopping list, are:

  • Single Fitted Cotton Sateen sheets at only €5 in various colours,
  • Sheridan single fitted and flat sheets at only €15.
  • Single quilt covers for children from €10.
  • Twin pack of Clusterfill pillows at €23
  • Readymade curtains in many sizes from €30

And if these don’t make your list, there’s plenty more to look forward to in the coming weeks, as new Autumn stock arrives. Deeper, warmer, more sensual colours will prevail this Autumn, with long time favourites such as creams and golds still available.