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This months musings -August….

Aug 14, 2010


This months musings -August….

For any one who lives in Cork you may already know that this weekend is the “Decades” weekend. Pubs and clubs around the city theme the weekend to incorporate different decades from the 20s all the way up to the 90s (is the 90s retro?) Last year was the first year and while some pubs really went for it (Sober Lane) it was a non event in others. This year we reckon it will be much better. Believe us if you really embrace the fancy dress part you are sure to have a laugh.

The highlight of the month so far for us was the production of ‘Sweeney Todd’ at the Everyman Palace Theatre here in Cork by the Cork Operatic Society. The audience was transported back to the squalor of Victorian London, thanks to some amazing lighting and set design. As you entered the theatre some of the cast were already on stage, in character, pulling their hair, pacing the stage, wailing and moaning; thereby setting the scene for the horrors to come. The lead actors gave fine performances that would rival most West End productions, all the more admirable considering their shoestring budget. Every cast member is to be commended. Some cast members were on stage for the entire show and each one stayed in character throughout. The 30-piece orchestra were outstanding. Audience members left on a high, humming tunes all the way back to their cars.

While speaking of ye olde England, on a much gentler note, we were also discussing BBC adaptations of period dramas, in particular Cranford. Even the most stony-hearted people will soften at the tales of the Cranford ladies who stand united through thick and thin. Dame Judi Dench leads the cast as the loveable

Twitching Curtains: The Cranford Ladies.

Miss Matty Jenkins. With stories of love, humour, death and friendship it has something for most people.