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March Musings..

Mar 3, 2011


March Musings..

Yup it’s March and we’ve been musing..a nice spot of alliteration there that only happens in March or May!

These past few weeks we’ve been chatting quite a bit about movies, particularly in light of the recent Oscars. Quite a few of us saw The King’s Speech and we all agreed that it was a very enjoyable film, and that Geoffrey Rush certainly deserved as much praise as Colin Firth for bringing such great humour to the story. Gemma can also recommend viewing both True Grit (watch it and ask yourself why Hailee Steinfeld was nominated for Best Supporting Actress and not Best Actress?), and The Fighter, which boasts very impressive performances from both Christian Bale and Melissa Leo. Laura did see Black Swan but it definitely wasn’t a favourite of hers; The Kings Speech is her film of choice when it comes to recent releases.

Some of us are looking forward to Edward Fox’s one-man show, ‘Trollope’ which comes to the Everyman Palace in April. The Day of the Jackal star will be playing the part of novelist Anthony Trollope. No doubt we’ll be blogging our reactions once we see it.

Gardening without a garden

It’s also that time of the year when one or other of us are always on our Spring holiday week. Spring cleaning and trips to London are just some of the things on our agenda..

Laura would also like to take up some gardening, but is lacking one essential item…so any tips on non-garden gardening would be welcome. We’re thinking window boxes and watering cans!