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March News

Mar 5, 2011


March News

March is here, the weather has been sunny n’ bright and the shop has a distinctive Spring feel about it. The new designs throughout the store reflect this too; seven new duvet sets from First Avenue all bring a splash of colour. Miya boasts strong pinks and purples against a white background, while Lucinda is a fresh green and white design.

The March hare: mad, perhaps, but made a decent pot of tea all the same.

Bedeck’s Passion Flower is now available in ‘oyster‘, if rich creams appeal to you. And the latest arrival is the very pretty Little Thurloe Rose from V&A.

There’s even a touch of summer about this early in the year with First Avenue’s Coastal stripes and the reappearance of ‘Wish You were Here’ from Helena Springfield, always a favourite with adults and children alike.

Don’t forget to visit our updated Image Gallery and see what catches your eye.

Our feet may be firmly in Spring, but there are still bargains to be had. This month sees 20% off all Designer Guild sets. Not to mention plenty pleasing offers on discontinued lines and older stock. You never know what you might find.

Finally Mr and Mrs Tottering have paid us a visit once again, this time in the form of new pvc aprons, as part of our latest range of apron/tea-towel sets.