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May Musings

Apr 23, 2011


May Musings

It’s the time of year when one or other of us is on a Spring break, and the fine weather means we’ve all been able to make the most of our free days, and our lunch breaks allow us the chance to stroll about town and soak up the sun. Come the evening, though, we’re still happy to get in some good television or cinema. Gemma’s latest big screen viewings were the latest Woody Allen flick, ‘You will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger’, starring Naomi Watts, Anthony Hopkins and Josh Brolin. This black comedy was entertaining enough, although the best laughs come from Lucy Punch as Charmaine, Hopkin’s new young wife. Not a match for older classic Woody Allen films, however.

Laura recently watched the ITV drama ‘Downton Abbey’, and found it to be very enjoyable. A number of us at Household Linens are fans and we’re looking forward to the second series. As is usual with British period dramas, there’s a number of familiar faces, among them Maggie Smith, as the snobbish Dowager, Countess of Grantham. Among our favourites are Brendan Coyle and Joanne Frogatt as John Bates and Anna, a hopelessly romantic pairing.

Laura, Joan and Gemma are off to the Everyman Theatre this Wednesday to see Edward Fox in ‘Trollope’ a one-man show in which Fox depicts the famous writer Anthony Trollope. Watch out for our reviews next month.

Gemma had a look around the renovated Christchurch building which now houses the Triskel, Corcadorca, the Black Mariah and Plugd Records. You can also go down to the underground crypt, which you can see from a viewing box. It’s interesting to read about Cork history as you wander around the venue. We’re particularly looking forward to the cinema screenings which will be starting up in May. We’d love to hear other people’s opinions of the new building; feel free to leave a comment.