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May News

Apr 23, 2011


May News

It’s Easter week and at this time of year you can really feel Summer fast approaching.

This week we have noticed a lot of our customers have been buying a lower Tog rating duvet. It’s just too warm for the Winter 13.5 and now you may be thinking of changing over to a 6 tog or 4.5 tog duvet instead. We stock a 6 tog duvet called Cotton Touch  and a Duck Feather and Down 4.5 tog. Soon we will be getting in a non- feather 4.5 tog duvet also.

When your duvet is too warm you may find yourself waking up during the night as over heating disrupts your sleep. Some people use a lower tog duvet all year round and when it gets cooler they add a blanket or a bedspread. It’s a personal choice.  Another tip for sleeping in warmer weather is to use cotton sheets. Cotton is a natural fibre so it is more breathable. Saying that, poly cotton is more popular as there is little ironing involved and I’m not sure about you but I simply can’t bear ironing.

Lilacs usually bloom in Spring – depending on the climate of course. I adore these flowers they are so happy looking. We recently bought in some cotton home accessories with lilac flowers embroidered on them. We have place mats, pillowcases, table runners and even toilet roll holders.

If you are visiting friends or relations abroad this summer you may want to give them a little gift. We have some very tasteful table cloths and dining accessories with Shamrocks embroidered on them. As usual we also stock some Irish Linen which is just beautiful and lasts forever.

All the staff here wish our customers and their families a very Happy Easter and we look forward to seeing you soon.