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Rain, rain go away…

Jun 14, 2012


Rain, rain go away…


‘Liliana’ by Sheridan

In our last post, we wondered at how quickly June had come along; now we can still hardly believe it’s June when we hear and see the rain pounding the pavements outside. Nevertheless, we have two new Sheridan designs gauranteed to brighten your day. Liliana (pictured) is a pretty floral with rich pinks and greens on a white background, while Milner is a more traditional Sheridan design with soft golds and whites. As always, you can browse these and all our designs in the Image Gallery.

As of today, we have 18″ deep fitted sheets in stock. There has been a demand for these in recent times, as new beds tend to have very deep mattresses, particularly those made from memory foam. Standard fitted sheets do not always fit these beds so well, and end up looking untidy. It’s a good idea to measure the height of your mattress so that you can check the depth of fitted sheets when making a purchase. Different brands can have different depths so don’t forget to check before buying.

There’s another great bargain in the pillow section of the shop this month. Pairs of quilted hollowfibre pillows are selling at only €20. Great value for such comfy pillows. Come in and test them out!

Finally, we’ll keep our summer hopes alive (it is only June after all!), and tell ye about our new range of filled cushions and seat-pads in nautical themes. The little beach house cushion is a must for holiday homes or seaside caravans. Bring on the sun!!