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It’s the end of the year!

Oct 26, 2012


It’s the end of the year!

Enjoy your bank holiday and any jazz you may encounter this weekend.

Well, at least it is for us! If you pass by and happen to see us with a slightly dazed expression, it’s because we’ve been busy counting all those tea towels; 1,267, 1,268, 1,200 and – no start again 🙁 Annual stocktaking is just one of the reasons we’re so full of the ‘joie de vivre’ at the moment 🙂

The really good news though, is that there really is some great value as we make way for all the new Autumn stock arriving in November. Have a look at the “Vantona’ Egyptian cotton sheets or the “Essentials” range of duvet covers by ‘Bedeck’ – all at half-price or less.

As a special offer for the Jazz Weekend, we are giving 10% off all duvets & pillows from “The Fine Bedding Co.” as well as 10% off the range of novelty duvet covers from “Just Kidding”, the new brand from Australia which is exclusive in Cork to Household Linens.