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Spring brings changes…

Apr 7, 2015


Spring brings changes…

Spring brings changes in all different ways but this week has brought a sad change to Household Linens… We were very sorry to see Gemma leave us for a new position in U.C.C. but we wish her all the very best in her new post. Many of you will know Gemma from coming in to the shop where she had a great rapport with all our customers but she was also responsible for setting up and writing our blog; her informative articles and snippets of information always drew favourable comment and we hope to continue her good work in to the future.

We’re sure that we will have an influx of customers from U.C.C. looking for down pillows & Egyptian cotton sheets when Gemma spreads the good word about getting a good night’s sleep from Household Linens!

Our very best wishes Gemma !