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All things vintage…

Apr 10, 2015


All things vintage…

Whether it’s because of the recession over the last number of years or because people are simply feeling nostalgic for days of yore, there has been a surge of interest in all things ‘vintage’ recently. It has meant a great boost to the many thrift shops in Cork who do such great work here and beyond our shores. Groups like the St. Vincent de Paul, Gorta, Trócaire, Oxfam, The Irish Cancer Society, Enable Ireland, Marymount Hospice, all provide invaluable services and their shops can be your Aladdin’s Cave. ‘Vintage’ clothes are definitely ‘in’ and if you want to get adventurous with a needle & thread then check out Tilly and the buttons in our blogroll to get started.

Here in the shop, vintage florals are also very much in vogue with our particular favourite being the “Country Diary” collection. First ‘published’ by “Dorma” in 1981 they have been reinvented by “Belledorm” and feature pretty florals.

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 11.13.56Our favourite right now is “Sweet Orchard” as it combines traditional frills on both duvet covers, pillowcases and bedspreads. Scoot over to our Facebook page for details of a very special offer that’s available for the month of April!


In the meantime, let’s hope the weather stays fine so we can get out and enjoy some of the real flowers that are coming to life in our gardens!IMG_0369