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Sorry… We’ve been away a long time

Nov 28, 2015


Sorry… We’ve been away a long time

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It’s been so long since our last blog post and so much has happened since then… Lots of news and most of it good news thankfully! Of course, first & foremost, Oliver Plunkett St. were adjudicated as overall winners of the “Great Urban Street” Award for 2016 so expect an influx of visitors over the next twelve months to share in the unique ‘flavours’ of Oliver Plunkett St. !
This Autumn also saw the arrival of several consignments from the sale of Clery’s liquidation stock… Clery’s had a reputation that saw people flocking to them from all over Ireland and we have certainly seen the truth of that in the phenomenal response to the sale of bedding from their linen dept.
Right now, we’re in the middle of the “Black Friday” madness and then we’re into our own Winter Sale so you can be guaranteed that there will be exceptional value from now until the end of January.
Our image gallery needs a major update so please do contact us if you’re coming in to buy a particular item – we hope to have this resolved in the next few days.