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Getting up-to-date

Dec 29, 2015


Getting up-to-date

We’ve been so busy the last few weeks that we hadn’t time to bring you images of all the new designs we received in the Autumn and the run up to Christmas… We’re still not 100% up-to-speed but – we’re getting there ! Have a look at the image gallery to see some of the almost 100 designs we have instore and (when it’s stopped raining) call in to pick up a bargain in our Winter Sale !


The “Spundown” duvet is also available as a mattress protector & a mattress enhancer ! – ALL REDUCED

Naturally, we also have great reductions on our duvets & pillows, especially the “Spundown” duvet that is our best seller as you can wash it at home in your own machine at 60deg. (the temperature that kills dust-mites).sale-now-on-3.gif