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It’s Springtime – isn’t it..?

Apr 13, 2016


It’s Springtime – isn’t it..?

We don’t know about you – but we’re tired of the rain and we’ve had our heads down so much that two or three months passed us by while we were avoiding the downpours! Indeed, the traders in Oliver Plunkett St. were very lucky to escape severe damage (again) to their premises after a series of high tides last weekend. This picture shows the road flooded outside the shop on Sunday morning.IMG_2036.JPG

All that rain reminds us that we must give a fast shout out for our friends in “Sunshine & Umbrellas” who are holding their annual fashion extravaganza on April 28th. A little bird tells us that Xposé will be there live so get your glad rags on for what is a very worthy charity.

Of course, the other good news that Oliver Plunkett St. received was that we were awarded the title of “Great Urban Street” for 2016 across Ireland AND the U.K. ! Hopefully it will lead to an increase in footfall over the coming months and shoppers will be able to enjoy the ‘boulevard’ experience in better weather than what we’re having now…

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In Household Linens we have much to be happy about as well… New spring designs are being delivered on a weekly basis and we have had a phenomenal response to designs like “Trent” from the NAF NAF collection as well as other (even quirkier!) designs like “Daisy”.

We also have incredible value in discontinued duvet sets from the “Kirstie Allsopp” collection so do stop by if you’re in town some day.


Finally, we are coming to the end of the liquidation stock from Clery’s, the famous Dublin Dept. store… There are sheets, odd duvet covers, some curtains and hollofibre duvets & pillows so definitely your last chance to grab a bargain. We are always at the end of the phone if you’d like to ask any questions or check prices.