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40 years in business

Jan 26, 2017


40 years in business

selling duvets, pillows, sheets & much more!

And it is genuinely all thanks to you, our loyal customers & friends who have supported us since we opened in Princes St. way back in 1977!

How things have changed since those days… Technology is the obvious huge change we’ve seen. There was no World Wide Web, no Facebook or Twitter and certainly no blogging! Mostly, we used Cork Local Radio or the Cork Examiner & the Evening Echo. Duvets & pillows were mainly made from natural down & feathers and the early polyester fibre duvets, looking back, were really awful creations – not much more than wads of polyester fibre chopped off to fit in to a casing.

An ad from the “Cork Examiner” in 1982 when we were only five years old !


New technology has not just confined itself to communication however… The advent of new microfibres, some developed by NASA, has meant warmer, lighter, softer duvets & pillows. The new “Smartfil” fibre from ‘The Fine Bedding Co.’ is unique in that all sizes may be washed at home in a standard domestic washing machine at 60deg. – the temperature that kills dust mites and other infectious materials.

Quality lasts forever…

e0e17fe1d6b9ab6b1368aa3213fcfa8c.jpgOf course, sheets & duvet covers haven’t changed quite as much but one thing that is constant is quality… Many of you will have heard your mother (and even your grandmother!) extol the virtue of a good set of Egyptian cotton sheets – how else will you get a good night’s sleep? Probably the most well known name on the market is the famous “Dorma” brand and Household Linens are proud to be stockists of “Dorma” since we opened in 1977.

Their 300 thread count cotton sateen sheets are simply superb and their duvet covers still remain treasured and passed on from one generation to the next. Perhaps the most famous design was their “Country Diary” collection which ran for over twenty years !

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 16.25.09.png

Over the next few months, we hope to bring you up to date with all that is new for bedrooms, while always staying true to our motto “when all you want is a good night’s sleep” – come to Household Linens !