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Mar 10, 2010


Causing a Stir this Month..

Silk Pillowcases Due to the high interest among our customers, we are now stocking silk pillowcases. Like ourselves, we are sure many of ye enjoy reading beauty magazines and recently, you can’t escape the numerous articles on the benefits of ..

Mar 9, 2010


This Month’s Musings

Since all our new stock came in, we’ve been busy choosing our favourites, and what we would like to buy for our own sweet homes. So far, Gemma wants to get the ‘Blossom Trail’ V&A duvet cover, while Laura wants ..

Mar 6, 2010


Household Linens Now Blogging

So here it is, the new Household Linens blog, soon to be packed full of information on our products, and the latest tips and need-to-know advice for dealing with curtains and soft furnishings. Feel free to look around, leave a ..